The world is changing at a rapid pace.  Consumers are aware more than ever of the impact that fashion has on our beautiful Earth.

Alternatives materials that may seem new now will soon be the norm.  We must change our habits if we want to reduce the impact that fashion has on our environment.

In fashion, leather has always been seen as the material to use for long wearing products.  Now there is an alternative that matches leather but does not require vast amounts of cleared land, water and food to produce it - CORK.

Whilst not new, the use of cork has come a long way in fashion.  With screw tops now used for the majority of wine bottles, alternatives were sort for the use of cork. 

Cork is an amazing product:  It is sustainable, eco-friendly, bio-degradable, durable, light in weight and vegan.  It wears like good leather, without the downsides.

The use of cork has been around for hundreds of years and is regularly used in shoes, building products and motor vehicle parts and now fashion is the new evolution.

Brindabella Fusion works with small family businesses in Portugal who hand make our products.  They are paid fair wages in accordance with Europe's employment awards and work in safe family environments.

Once you own a cork product, you will never go back to leather.  Cork is a warm, natural product that will continue to grow in popularity once its benefits become more widely known.  Consumers now better understand the impact that other materials have on our environment.  Cork is the future.