When Cork is Not Cork

Brindabella Fusion products are all made in Portugal. Portugal is the home of the cork oak which produces the high-quality cork bark needed to produce the cork fabric for our stylish handmade cork products.

However like everything, there are others out there who will cut corners and try and deceive buyers.

With cork it is no different.

One method we have seen is they grind up cork stoppers from wine bottles, binding it with a clear glue, roll it and call the final product – cork fabric. They then make products from it and sell it as a high quality cork product. Many of these items come out of China and India.

This would be like collecting wood shavings, mix them with glue and mould it into a block of wood. It just does not make sense and is immoral.

The cork fabric used by Brindabella Fusion to make our products is classed as upholstery grade. This means it is soft to touch and is very durable.

Others cut corners by using low grade cork fabric which will look good when new, but will soon fall apart. It is impossible to tell the difference. The only way to avoid is to purchase from a reputable brand who puts their business ethics first before profit.

The whole concept of Brindabella Fusion using cork is to not harm animals or the environment and provide another option that has all the upsides of a good quality leather product, without the downsides. Using inferior cork fabrics just beats the point of using cork at all.