No chemicals are required to clean your cork products - just good old soap and water.

Whilst cork products are soft to touch, they are water resistant and durable.

Cork is stain and scratch resistant so cleaning will freshen up, rather than damage your cork product.

When to clean your products will depend on its use and the colour. 

Natural colours may need to be cleaned more often than dark colours for the simple fact that dirt dust may be more noticeable.

To clean:

  • fill a small bowl with warm water.  Add a small amount of natural soap e.g. Velvet
  • no bubbles required in the water, just enough to lubricate the water.
  • use a clean, soft lint free cotton cloth.  Dampen the cloth enough that it is not dripping.
  • rub in a circle motion from the centre to the outside edges in a gentle manner.
  • repeat if the cork product is extra dirty.
  • use a 2nd clean soft cotton cloth to wipe off any excess water.
  • let it dry inside (not in direct sunlight).

Whilst baby wipes can be used, they need to be washed out with warm water first and ringed out so no excess water.

Just like nature - a quick rain shower - all looks like new again.