Light-weight, distinctive, versatile and eco-friendly.

The Kylie Shoulder Bag
• made from high grade cork

• a statement piece that will attract attention.
• light-weight, durable and ideal for everyday use.
• has 3 compartments – two zipped and one middle magnetic snap button compartment, complete with interior zipped pocket.
• adjustable buckles and cork shoulder strap.
• high quality zippers.
• colour/pattern on one side with natural cork fabric on the other.
• easy to clean – just soapy water.
• feels, looks and smells natural – because it is.
• 21 x 24 x 7cm with adjustable shoulder strap drops to 65cm.

Our Guarantee
All Brindabella Fusion products are handmade in Portugal by small family businesses who treat and pay their employees fairly.

The cork fabric used is classed as high grade upholstery which means it is soft to touch but wears like a high quality leather.

Cork is sustainable, eco-friendly, light weight and easy to clean.

No animal products or harmful dyes are used in the creation of our quality handmade and designed cork items.

PETA approved.

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